Tuesday January 16, 2018


Welcome to Oxford SAY Soccer league website.

For signups go to: https://oprd.recdesk.com/Community/Program?category=6

Current Field Status: Awesome fields - waiting for spring season!!

Directions to the Oxford Community Park

Field layout - click here for an approximate layout of where the fields are oriented at the Oxford park.

We ALWAYS need coaches - you don't need a lot of experience just a desire to help the kids have a ton of fun.

If you have doubts that is understandable but at least give it a try - you'll find it is extremely rewarding and not nearly as intimidating as it might seem on the surface.


As always - SAY Soccer is about the sportsmanship, competition and most of all FUN for the kids. Let's remember that the kids tend to learn a lot by example so let's make sure we as parents and coaches keep our cool and SHOW them the right way to do it. (so that includes all you 20, 30 & 40+ something kids too!).  We always strive to teach through positive examples and reinforcement. Our expectations are for them to HAVE FUN.


Let's all try our best to cheer the kids on regardless of the score and keep things in perspective that THEY ARE KIDS - they are out there trying their best - they get tired - they may cheer - they may cry - they will fall down - they will be happy when they win or make a good play - they may be sad if they lose or mess up.


This is NOT World Cup or MLS - there aren't any million dollar contracts riding on this - they are not paid to go out there and perform to anyone's expectation - enjoy watching them compete and perform as best they can - all they need is you to watch and encourage them (besides those World Cup teams score way fewer goals than these kids will!!) - Try and make the first thing you ask them when they come off the field is "did you have fun?"


They all have different abilities and they all have good days and bad days (just like the rest of us) and THEY ARE KIDS - so please just be there to support your kids - it doesn't help to be on the sideline screaming at them because they missed a kick or something - give them a "good try" or "get the next one" comment - emphasize the positive - maybe they missed the ball but they hustled just to get there - that's what they need to hear - NOT "how could you .........." or "what were you doing or thinking........" - even a pass that misses it's mark by a mile still has a positive - it was a PASS - encourage them to play together as a team and strive to play their hardest and their best - they will all be happy when they win and anyone who thinks these kids aren't sad and don't know what it means to lose is sorely mistaken - I've seen it every game from both sides of the scorecard.


It's also OK to applaud a good play by the other team - they are trying their hardest too.


There are positives on nearly every play during a match so as spectators let's try and give it our best effort to see those and encourage the kids to play their best - not drag them down for something - THEY ARE KIDS.


The same applies to the referees - they are there doing their best as well - please don't berate or abuse the referees - they miss calls sometimes - if you feel the need to comment please do so in a polite manner - most of our referees are kids who have played a lot of soccer but are "learning the ropes" of calling a game from the referee's perspective instead of from a player's view so please don't insult them anymore than you would want them to insult you.  If a situation arises that you feel needs further attention, please bring it to the attention of a board member.


While the vast majority of our games are conducted with no incidents there are occasionally things that come up - please help to insure the kids play the game on the field and cheer them on win, lose or draw - applaud their efforts, sportsmanship and their competitive spirit - don't let one bad play or call spoil the entire game for everyone.


If you have ANY suggestions or comments (good or bad),  we want to hear them and anything else that you feel might help by being posted on the website -saysoccer.oxford@gmail.com

This is designed to be fun - if you or your child have some sort of issue - please bring it to the attention of one of our board members at saysoccer.oxford@gmail.com.



Our primary goal is to give the kids the best soccer experience we can and help make it easier for parents and coaches as well.


Please check back later as we add more information.




Brian Kelly

Oxford SAY Soccer

125 West Spring St.

Oxford, OH 45056